Vet Internship

Veterinary Medicine Internships in Tanzania .Vaccination program in the community areas surrounding National Parks and game reserve in Tanzania.

If you have a passion for working with animals, either in the field of Veterinary Medicine or in a more general animal care-oriented role, then our voluntary projects are a perfect way for you to gain some knowledge or put your skills into practice with some work experience in Tanzania.

Rabies not only poses a threat to wildlife populations in National Parks, but also directly endangers communities and their livestock in the surrounding areas.
Rabies causes many deaths among wild and domestic animal populations, and is a fatal disease in humans when not treated in a timely manner. The virus is most commonly transmitted via animal bite through the inoculation of infected saliva, and studies have shown that the number of human rabies victims may be substantially higher (with some estimates at over 100x) than the official records state.

International studies and programs have seen that domesticated animals are often the bridge between humans and wildlife, and found the most effective means of controlling rabies, is through implementing effective vaccination and education programs in these at risk areas.

Program Objectives

  1. To prevent loss of human lives, and reduce human wildlife conflict associated with disease spread between domesticated animals and wildlife.
  2. To minimize the impact of rabies and other zoonotic diseases in communities adjacent to protected areas by eradication and education.
  3. To help instigate international collaboration on issues of conservation and community preservation.
  4. To gather data on rabies virus and utilize this research to both strengthen this program and provide infrastructure for the development of future disease control programs.


The fee you pay covers all of your food, Taxi from the Airport and accommodation costs for the duration of your placement. The fee does not include air tickets, local transport and visas. The fee depends on the project and time. If you want to visit at Serengeti National park, PFC will support car for two day trip, park fees will incur yourself while you are in Serengeti National park or Ngorongoro Conservation Area.


Project 2- Week 3- Week 4- Week
Vet Internship $1,500 USD $1,700 USD $3,000 USD