Sport Fishing & Lake Excursion

Sport fishing and lake excursions with canoes on Lake Victoria offer the opportunity for hooking one of the world’s largest fresh water fish, the Nile Perch or Tilapia. Anyone with some free time and an interest in fishing can book with adventure volunteers organized by Peace for Conservation.

We have been offering half and full day excursions for “Catch fish and prepare Fish BBQ ” for Nile Perch/Tilapia for over 2 years and our experience ensures we know the best spots, methods and also have experienced and knowledgeable skippers who have a good command of the English language. Fishing is an economic mainstay of many parts of rural Tanzania and it is quickly becoming a popular activity for visitors along the country’s rivers and lakes

The lake is not only a wonder to the Tanzania people but also for tourists and foreigners who have a passion for sport fishing. Fishing trips can be organized during a weekend after spending days working as a volunteer in Peace for Conservation programs for adventure volunteers. If you want to get a fresh mind and fresh air on the lake, we organize sport fishing on Saturday mornings. We go to the Lake Victoria shore with our canoes equipped for sport fishing, we catch fish and return to the main office. The fish you catch will be prepared there by a chef and eat a fish BBQ. You can accompany your fish with wine or local beer from Tanzanian breweries.

When you opt to work for peace for conservation, you will enjoy delicious BBQ fish from Lake Victoria, while drinking beers or wine. If you would like to try a traditional local beer called “Gogo” which the villagers drink, we can organize this on behalf of you. You will remember these adventures all your life – go out on the lake and then eat a fish you catch yourself and enjoy the company of other volunteers you will encounter while you are at Peace for Conservation.

Campfire: During the evening we prepare a campfire .The dining/kitchen facility faces a fireplace where a fire is normally lit for visitors to sit around during the evening while enjoying their barbecue of fish and drinks, and charring about their experiences sport fishing.

Visiting Serengeti National Park: The main office of Peace for Conservation is located near to the entrance gate of Serengeti National Park. It’s about 1 km to reach the entrance gate of Serengeti National Park (Dabaka Gate). Peace for Conservation provide transport, tents, mattresses and a special BBQ kitchen to be used at the National Park. Our driver (a former elephant poacher) will drive you in the Serengeti National Park or Kijereshi game reserve. You will responsible for parking fees, and camping fees. Our driver will hold you enthralled with his tales of why he gave up poaching elephants and surrendered.

Our organization has managed to convince ten people who were poaching elephants to turn themselves in. and give up poaching. Some of them have been recruited by Peace for Conservation to work as drivers, local community tour guides, car washers, and security guides. They have benefited through earning income to support their families. Now they are ambassadors of elephant conservation in their community and educators about elephant conservation projects.

The organization can arrange sport fishing any time depending on the needs of volunteers or tourists interested in practising sport fishing using canoes around Lake Victoria.