Soccer (Football) for Conservation

Peace for Conservation comes up with approach using sports for social change to bring together football
fans, -led positive social change in the communities, which influential leaders to address conservation
challenge in Tanzania, raise their knowledge on the escalating elephant anti-poaching in the park and
game reserve and how the youth could be involved in tackling the crisis. This done through Soccer
(Football) for conservation. The program partnership with, Katie Adamson Conservation Fund, Sport for
social change network (SSCN) and Coaches across Continents.

Using Soccer (football) for campaign on elephant poaching is vital tool to spread information in a rural
community living close to protected area, football tournament involves more people who came together
easily and quickly, also it can help to reduce HIV/AIDS infection among youth. Youth will spend time on

This program, is for five years from 2016-2021 and implemented in community around Serengeti
National park-Western corridor from July – August each year.