Olais Mollel

Olais Mollel was born and raised on the southern slopes of Mount Meru in Maasailand in Arusha. Maasai is amongst the few superior tribes remain in Africa who were able to retain their culture and tradition ways of life. Olais is from the Maasai tribe who are the earliest conservationist up to date since they were able to coexist with wildlife and cattle in the bush without to harm one another.

Olais working  at peace for conservation as conservation tour guide and has vast knowledge and experience enabling him to engage in various activities from local community areas, hiking Mount Kilimanjaro to wildlife safaris in the many fantastic parks and reserves.  He has wide qualifications including First Aid skills, Advanced Certificate in Tour Guide Course, Certificate in Tourism and Natural Resources Management from Mweka College, Advanced Diploma in Wildlife Management from Mweka College, as well as Certificate in Basic Trekking and anti-poaching skills from The Norwegian Trekking School.