Makoto Kimura


(Japanese nationality)

Is traveling to create peaceful world and is for creation of Enlightened Planetary Civilization® (EPC) where we do not have any battle on what we believe. I like way of living to create and discrete what one believe now. It allow us many opportunities lead to peaceful world. If we have way to method to handle our consciousness, it is OK we get angry, have anxiety, or difficulty with others. I am developing my living skill with Avatar® method that everyone can handle each own conciousness.

Makoto has a Ph.D of Life Science at Tottori University in 2001 on cancer research as an expert of genetic and cellular research. Thorough 20 years research experience in cancer therapy in Japan and the United States of America, power of consciousness is really crucial key for healthy life style. We know facts that some patients recover from cancer without no treatment even though specialists for cancer therapy diagnose hopeless cancer cases. To develop skills handling our consciousness is promising technique not only for our own physical condition but also for creating peaceful world.

Makoto have started to work with many fellows who are interested in environmental issues in various field, medical program, agriculture, art, education, healing, environmental issues, and so on. There are many fellows to support the earth to protect nature issues all over the world.  David Leonard Kabambo   founder of Peace For Conservation is one of the best fellows to expand peaceful world in Tanzania. (East Africa). Get in touch with makoto