Kerryn Vaughan is a singer/songwriter who is passionate about animal rights. Kerryn has written many songs for animal welfare campaigns and promotions, and her songs are showcased on many animal welfare website worldwide. Kerryn energetically raises awareness for the plight of endangered species, and actively educates about the impact extinction will have, and is having on the ecosystem. You can hear her song ‘Rhino’ here.

Kerryn is also the author of ‘Magnificent Kids! – 23 Superheroes who are changing the world”. This book is about empowering the next generation to make effective change that will create a better world. Magnificent Kids was also the catalyst to Kerryn founding the non-profit One Planet Classrooms, which is an initiative to connect schools across the globe so they students can collaborate on projects to help humanity, animals or the planet

Kerryn is collaborating with Peace for Conservation, to promote wildlife conservation awareness to primary schools in Tanzania as part of the One Planet Classrooms program.

 We are proud to partner with Kerryn.