Peace for Conservation (PFC) believes that you cannot work alone on conservation programs to preserve nature for breeding a site of birds, or a habitat for wildlife. Today’s children are the last generation that can save many species of exotic animals that we all know and love.  Peace for Conservation pioneers, “Children for Wildlife,” a program, which promotes wildlife conservation awareness to Primary & Secondary Schools in Tanzania as part of conservation education. PFC gives a voice, iniating communication between children and adults, as well as including children as partners in conservation through video documentaries and video shows.  Children express themselves, speaking about their lives, and giving their views about poaching in their community.

Support we need (but not limited to) are as follows:

  • Lap top
  • Projector
  • Video CD to teach children conservation education
  • Video & digital camera
  • Field equipment: Camping tents, sleeping bags, flashlights, camping stoves, mattresses, etc.
  • T-shirts/cups for a message of wildlife conservation to distribute to children in primary & secondary school.
  • Books for conservation to distribute in secondary and primary school.

We need your support to promote wildlife conservation awareness to children in primary & secondary schools in Tanzania as part of conservation education.

If you can support Peace for Conservation in any way, please contact us.


We thank you in the name of all the children and wildlife in Tanzania.





Peace For Conservation would love to connect with anybody who can help the project continue to grow across the globe

We will happily promote you in exchange!


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