Human Elephant Conflict Mitigation (HEC)

By using beehives  as a fence it is possible to reduce crop losses by deterring elephants from entering farms (elephants are fearful of bees) and thus providing farmers with additional income from beekeeping and the sale of elephant-friendly honey. The method using the beehives fence was developed by Dr Lucy King (Save the Elephants) who observed that elephants naturally avoid bees – imagine the risk of bees flying around inside an elephant’s trunk!

Beehive fence projects are also of benefit to the wider community because they afford protection to village farms and support the growth of a local beekeeping industry that provides employment in the manufacturing of beehives and beekeeping equipment. Please consider supporting the efforts of farmers.

Farmers’ groups affected by crop raids will be provided beehives to be used for the beehives fence project to protect against crop raids from elephants. The farmers provided beehives are those who have agreed to form groups with 10-15 members. Peace for Conservation will provide technical skills on how to install the beehives. During the honey harvest, Peace for Conservation will support them with the harvesting by providing professional beekeepers who have equipment like smokers, and specialized clothes. This will be done in   collaboration with farmers groups in the harvest process.

The organization is in the process of constructing a processing unit plant for the honey extracted. Once completed the honey will be processed, bottled and labelled. The farmers groups will be given honey from the bottlers to be sold in the markets, or in supermarkets.


We need your support in order to purchase more beehives fence for a project. The beehives distributed to famer groups affected by crop raid.