Health and Conservation

Looking to cooperate and create a network and cooperate with international NGOs, local NGOs doing health programs to use a platform of a) soccer for conservation b) Dance for conservation on addressing health problem in the communities.

The  Dance for conservation, Soccer for conservation, and community bike tour  is a platform used by peace for conservation by involve community from different age  for purpose of addressing ant- poaching campaign in the community to protect wildlife .  During the an events of dance for conservation , soccer for conservation and Community bike tour for conservation involve about 4,000 people  attend to watch a football and dance for conservation .

We believe having personal with a good health he/ she is a capital for conservation programs. This platform if it can be usefully well on collaboration and networking for health intervention issues will bring huge impact on community, improve health condition to community living close to protected areas, and sometime improve environmental issues.

In Collaboration with other Health organization- Using a platform of dance for conservation, Soccer for conservation, and Community bike for conservation, the following activities can be implemented during the annual events:


  1. HIV/AIDS test.
  2. Hepatitis   test and Vaccination in the community.
  3. Blood pressure test and prevention measures.
  4. Education for cancer and Mitigation.
  5. Education for Breast cancer check up to women.
  6. Benign prostatic Hyperplasia ( BPH) awareness to males.

For those interested on this program and are willing to cooperate, the chance is open, for more information send email to