This is a program designed to combine responsible tourism with volunteering “Conservation Volunteer” and explores local life through visiting communities, using motor bikes and bike tour safaris. Learn how to cook delicious local food and participate in cultural dances and traditional song.  Sing together with communities to spread the anti-poaching message through traditional dance.



Participating in this eco-friendly adventure, you will get the opportunity to visit the Serengeti National Park and Kijereshi game reserve during a weekend, starting Friday afternoon and back in the office on Sunday evening. The accommodation is located near to the entrance gate of Serengeti National Park and Kijereshi game reserve. That includes from Day 1 until end at 30 –So that, 29 night accommodation.


If you are a student/conservationist and animal lover having a passion for wildlife conservation and photography, we offer you a truly wonderful experience “conservation volunteer”   full of culture and wildlife eco-friendly adventure. You will create long lasting memories for the rest of your life, especially for bird watching using binoculars. You will be guided by retired poachers who now defend conservation and use their unique knowledge to assist you.

This is your chance to play an active role in conservation initiatives to conserve beautiful wildlife in Tanzania. The program is organized throughout the year that include Day 1 until end at 30 day

PRICE:  1,500 per month (30 days)  

Included: pick up & drop off at airport in Tanzania, accommodation,

3 meals per day

Eco-tourism activities:-Canoe and sport fishing, 2 weekend safari tour at Serengeti National Park and Kijereshi game reserve,

Practice community work (teaching students conservation during evening hours, teaching youth to act as tour guides, develop proposal for school toilet construction, water projects in school and develop projects for women’s livelihood)


All travel & flight costs to and from Tanzania are for traveler/student to cover, also the tourist visa and temporary working permit if you are interested to work as a volunteer.

Luxury food items, including soda drinking, alcohol, sweet and chocolate are extras that you pay for yourself if you would like them.



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