David Kabambo – Tanzania, East Africa

David believes that we are all one human family with two parents (Father and mother) in the earth and its creatures. We express and see this relationship once we travel and get to know each other within culture, beliefs and ways of life. Since 2005 he has worked in rural community, sharing his experience in natural resources management, climate change, disaster risk reduction and management, Environmental education, Biodiversity enterprises, trans-boundary ecosystems management and conservation (including project formulation, implementation and evaluation).

David is the founder of Peace for Conservation, and holds of B.A. in Social Work (Kampala University – Uganda 2002-2005), and Postgraduate Diploma of Wildlife Management (College of African Wildlife  Management – Mweka, Tanzania 2009-2010). David has also undertaken short courses related to peace and has been awarded certificates of: Peace keeping and International Conflict Resolution, Global Terrorism, Ethics of Peace keeping, Gender and perspective in United Nation, Peace keeping Operation, The Conduct of Humanitarian Relief Operation, and History of UN peace keeping (United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) Programme of Correspondence Instruction in Peace Operation). David was also was awarded a certificate of Basic Tracker in anti- poaching from Norwegian Tracking School (NTS) and attended the Regional Training of Tourism policy and Strategy   for East Africa organized by United National Word Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

Currently David is a member of:

  1. International Connectivity Conservation Network World Commission on Protected Areas
  2. World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) The Young Professionals (YP)
  3. Trans-boundary Conservation Specialist Group, IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas