Dance for Conservation

Traditional dance is very famous at annual events in the community of the Sukuma tribe who
live close to Serengeti National Park western corridor and kijereshi game reserve. They are
usually held after harvesting crops from farm, followed with community events whereby group
of native dancers are used to perform song to celebrate the harvest. Peace for Conservation turn
that platform into a conservation program by organizing community events with tittle DANCE
FOR CONSERVATION whereby dance groups bordering Serengeti National park-Western
corridor participate on competition event to sing a song with the message to discourage
communities who collude with poachers to destroy wildlife.

Dancer group given themes related with elephant conservation, rhino conservation, habitant
management, environmental conservation, to create a songs to address that challenges
concerning conservation in the community by singing a song with a native language whereby
all community can understood well, three winner groups selected by judge’s rewards gifts and
the first winner get offer to Visit National park .During the night Peace for Conservation
organize environmental filming, which show a mass of elephant and rhino killed in National park
and Game reserve. Later, followed by discussion by the community to find a possible solution to
combat wildlife poaching in the communities.