Conservation Safari expeditions

Safari the Swahili word safari means “long journey.” Originally from the Arabic سفرة (safra) meaning a journey .

Peace for conservation offers a conservation safari program that is designed to promote awareness and the enjoyment of participating in the conservation of our unique biodiversity. For international travelers this will involve a long physical journey – but for both local and international travelers this also involves a life change journey as we appreciate the wonder and fragile nature of our species and habitat.

Peace for conservation offers a complete package for both individuals and groups to experience true Tanzania where guests stay and socialize with the community including community meetings and visits to primary and secondary schools, and visits to National Parks including forest, mangroves, swamp and wetlands

  • Guided visits to National Parks and other natural areas to view terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecosystems – their species and habitats
  • A wide variety of sport activities such as; motor bike riding, traditional songs with community, sport fishing and bike safari are available.

Peace for Conservation prides itself on providing a unique holiday package combining cultural emersion, spectacular scenery and wildlife and participation in wildlife conservation projects. Our passion belief is in the love of nature, care of the land, care of the wildlife, love for the people and community.

So make your holiday count! Join our conservation safari expeditions in remote and beautiful Tanzania. Go places where others don’t, learn new skills and experience hands-on conservation in action with local community. Experience the tranquility and harmony of Tanzania.

We uniquely guarantee that 10 % of fees will be directly invested in the local community   to support protection of wildlife, anti- poaching and conservation education at schools and within the community.

“Be part of who feel nature”