The future of wildlife in Tanzania lies in the hands of people living adjacent to protected areas. PFC educates the communities at large in conservation biology, we do this through public meetings, community film shows, and road talk shows.

 Ex-poachers have been recruited by PFC to provide conservation education in the community, through public meetings and discouraging youth involvement in wildlife poaching.  Our goals is to empower rural communities to successfully manage their natural resources while achieving financial benefit through eco-tourism. We utilize conservation enterprise models that help communities to benefit from conservation to achieve the balance between wildlife conservation and sustainable livelihood


Peace for Conservation empowers children and youth living close to protected areas, to raise their voices concerning conservation issues within their communities and compounds; to showcase their ideas where wildlife poaching is concerned, and to investigate how they can become wildlife advocates to increase community sensitization and conservation awareness

We provide conservation education in schools, assisting children to learn about wildlife conservation and community stewardship, and in addition run the program Young Reporter for Wildlife Conservation:

Young reporter for wildlife conservation: A children-led environmental journalism initiative that aims to enable children to take a stand for their local social and environmental issues through media projects – writing, photography or video. It creates a productive space for children to reimagine and craft a sustainable and environmentally just future while developing skills to make a positive contribution to redress environmental injustices.

The program provides a scholarship to the best student with knowledge of conservation by reporting issues of wildlife conservation in the communities. The scholarship enables the student to study in private secondary education: Janet Mkami received a full scholarship for four years.

 Young reporter for wildlife conservation: Miss Janet Mkami hosting Director of Peace for Conservation Mr. David Kabambo for a discussion about human-elephant conflict mitigation in the communities: