Community Conservation entrepreneurship ( CCE)

Natural resource management depends upon people having secured their   livelihood. ” Hungry people in the community cannot support a conservation campaign “; conservation of natural resources throughout the community close to the Serengeti ecosystem depends on the livelihoods of the people in surrounding communities.

This program is designed for entrepreneurship in Biodiversity Conservation, with an emphasis on elements of self-help initiative, community capacity building and local resources mobilization, a community’s project ownership and joint management of the conservation program. The program is based upon conservation-friendly (or neutral) income generating activities. Further supporting the conservation aspect of this enterprise, many of the groups so far established consist entirely of former illegal bushmeat hunters who have agreed to stop poaching wildlife and are looking for alternative livelihood options.

What is Community Conservation Entrepreneurship (CCE)

CCE simply refers to enterprises that aim at boosting local livelihood through participatory conservation practices. This includes wildlife management areas (WMAs) such as block concessions, game viewing tourism, eco-tourism, agri-tourism, and api-tourism.

The organisation will provide training, and support equipment   tools for groups to be used for conservation programs through entrepreneurship in biodiversity. Our target areas are: 

1) Bodaboda EcoTourism safari.

2) Beekeeping project, beehive fence and Api-tourism

3) gri-Tourism &Horticultural

4) Poultry project

5) Soap making

6) Print and  design African arts

7) Juice making ie, sugar cane juice.

General enterprenourship  skills, customer care, business services.



youths group receiving training related to enterprenourship in Biodiversity