Chris Koslin -USA


Chris Koslin is an environmental consultant who specializes in creating one of a kind Eco-Tours as well as education camps.  He is currently finishing his last semester for his Master’s in Sustainable Tourism from the University of South Florida in USA.  He is an avid supporter of the fight to end poaching and poverty through education and self-empowerment.  He is currently remote working with peace for conservation to development of a larger eco-tourism program. The program partners with the University of South Florida and peace for conservation to bring student from USA to Tanzania for internship in order to create a net-zero village structure in Tanzania. The goal is to create a micro-grid for solar power as well as bio-gas for cooking. Peace for conservation will employ local women and youth in community adjacent to national park to teach about their culture and to make crafts to be sold to tourist and give them a better opportunity than poaching.  He hopes to bring cultural awareness to visitors of the bright and vibrant cultures of Tanzania create an example for all of Africa that can make a better living by embracing the natural resources and wildlife rather than killing and exploiting them.