Child to Child Elephant Project (Health and Conservation)

The purpose of the project is to engage  school children that live close to the national parks in wildlife clubs provides a chance for the children to developed leadership s and communication skills and have a ‘voice’ regarding conservation and poaching issues, In essence the clubs create conservation advocates to increase the wider community sensitization and conservation awareness.  The school children are encouraged to express their options directly and in the form of poems, drama, artwork or song.

Peace for conservation also undertakes health based project within schools. In a joint project with the Busega hospital and Lukugu health center, Peace for conservation seeks to raise hygiene standards in schools, and in turn, within the home through providing training workshops. These training workshops cover:  dental checkup, HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention, cancer awareness and prevention, water sanitation and health, sexual reproductive health and Important of nutrition to children.

Peace for conservation believes that investment in children’s health is vital for  the next generation of conservation leaders.


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