About Us

In recent decades debates about relationship between conservation and peace have focused on how conservation problem like resource scarcity and climate change are likely to create or exacerbate human –wildlife conflict. Our organization aims at bridging the gap in community engagement on conservation as to create a positive dynamic change in conservation and diplomacy towards achieving peace and conservation.

Our main focus areas are:

Education -particularly focusing on youth groups
Sustainable resource management
Ecotourism initiatives
Species and habitat protection and restoration
Social wellbeing, equality and alternative livelihoods
Climate change and pollution
Conservation research and environmental initiatives

These initiatives are achieved through;-

Facilitating conservation/education/sustainable livelihood initiatives
Engaging and connecting with local communities to raise awareness and promote ownership and action
Uniquely engaging youth though innovative platforms that include education, sports, music and film
Providing a platform for youth to network and have their voice heard – supporting the next generation of conservationist
Marine, freshwater (lakes and rivers) and terrestrial habitat restoration
Raising international awareness of Tanzania’s unique biodiversity
Working with partners and stakeholders to form mutually beneficial collaboration’s
To provide an improved visual awareness in the community for effective conservation, alongside solid improved livelihood opportunities

To bring inspiration and innovations to conservation awareness for ecosystems management