Training and capacity building

In order to create sustainable change in local communities, Peace For Conservation(PFC) implements a diverse capacity-building programme with the aim of promoting; diverse participation, local responsibility, and skill development. Building local capacity is accomplished through educating individual beneficiaries, and through mentoring local youth groups/networks & institutions to increase their ability to effectively work within their communities.

The training focusses on a key strategy in educating and encouraging a changing the behavior and of the community, hence to adopt a pro-environmental conservation and wildlife conservation. The aim is to capacity building in communities on various conservation issues through information, education and communication (IEC) messages.

Resources such as environmental education materials, including leaflets, pamphlets, and posters, are developed in collaboration with youth and key members of the community and are disseminated locally. Shortly they will also be available on our website.

Peace for conservation also invests heavily in pro-environmental conservation training for schools and youth groups in order to influence the youth to appreciate and care for nature. Involvement of youth groups in environmental conservation also help us to develop age-specific IEC materials, in addition to developing tomorrow’s conservation leaders who, in turn will train and in reach further youth groups in other districts/regions.